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Album: The State of Play
Year: 2010







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Track list (Listen to samples here):

1. For You Dear Emily

2. Hold On

3. Pieces

4. The State Of Play

5. Pen and Paper

6. The Journey

7. River To The Sea

8. Inside Out

9. Broken Trees

10. Shine

Monique Houraghan – Lead Vocals/Backing Vocals
Dan Tucker – Guitars
Bob Burke – Bass/Harmony Vocals/Additional Guitars
Kevin Dempsey – Additional Guitar
Pete Christie – Additional Guitar
Arthur Rathbone-Pullen – Electric Piano
Catherine Burke – Whistle
Julian Leon – Percussion
Patrick Morrow – Violin
Wendy Morrow – Harp/Flute
Simon Stanley-Ward – Harmony Vocals
Pete Read – Harmony Vocals

Produced By Arthur Rathbone-Pullen

All tracks written by Tinderbox

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